I already had one. My folks came down and we did an early thanksgiving with them on Sunday. They headed home today. It's nice when they visit because they're pretty laid back. They don't have to go see and do a lot of things, they just want to see us. They did spoil my pets rotten. Remy spent most of the afternoon staring out the back gate, like he was waiting for their car to come back. He hasn't gone upstairs looking for them yet. Maybe tonight though.

Tomorrow we're going to have another thanksgiving with our friends. We'll each bring a dish or two, and Remy will get to play with his BFF all afternoon.

We're also doing a 5k run tomorrow morning. I hope I can do as well as last week's run!

I do have a lot of running to do soon. J and I signed up for a 12 days of Christmas half marathon. You can run the first 10 miles on your own time, and log it on a little worksheet. Then on December 12, we all get together and run a 5k to finish up our 13.1 miles. We are signed up for a 5k Jingle Bell Rock Run that benefits a friend's organization, so that will be my first 3 miles logged.

I guess it's really not that much running, but it should be fun. That is assuming I'm not getting sick. I woke up super stuffy today. I took some mucinex and will take some tonight so I will hopefully sleep well.

Wow, my life is pretty boring. Oh well, it's better than the drama.


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