Confessions from an Introvert

There's an organization I volunteer with. I feel some obligation to volunteer with this group because it makes my husband look good, too. But lately, there is SO. MUCH. DRAMA.

We have someone who refuses to lead the group but acts like she leads the group, she pushes teamwork, but then finds fault in everything certain people do. We have another lady who is just crazy. I mean crazy. She seems to be creating paperwork where there doesn't need to be paperwork, and then complains about how much work she has.

Two people are now quitting this group. I happen to like these people and get along with them. Rather well actually. So that leaves me, the two mentioned above, and two brand new people who apparently didn't realize what they were getting into. I'm afraid the newbies will be leaving too when they find out we lost two members.

We have become exactly the kind of group we were supposed to avoid.

My obligation to this group will be changing (i.e. no more) soon (1 to 3 months-ish), and I feel that it can't come soon enough.

I have always been much happier avoiding people. Drama, like in this group, makes me want to crawl into a cave and leave the world behind. Stress, like this group is causing me, makes me also want to crawl into a cave.

Fortunately, I have a date tonight with my book club. It's a great group of ladies who make me remember why I put up with people. They make me glad that I haven't crawled into a cave. In fact, I would probably come out of the cave for them. My pets, however, would be in the cave with me. They're cool like that.

I feel like I have been so busy this week, but I finally have some time off this afternoon. Only thing on my list is stamping Christmas cards and baking a cake for said book club tonight. (It's OK, Jess, the french silk pie is already in the fridge.) So I think I'm going to make some hot tea, laugh at my silly pup, pet the cat for a minute, and stamp my little heart out.

(This would be a good time to make sure I have your mailing address if you don't live near me.)

I'm definitely looking forward to our week away for Christmas, since that's as close as I can come to my cave for a while. Might be doing some cave staying after the holidays, though. Just to de-stress for a while. But I promise I will venture back out into the world for 2 things - book club and stitchers. 


  1. That does not sound like a good situation! Good thing you are getting out of there.
    So glad that you come out of hibernation every now and then.. love it when you do :)
    The pie was delicious!


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