Friday, June 29, 2012

Self Anger

I stepped on the scale yesterday morning. I had lost a pound or two and felt good. But then I didn't stick to my plan yesterday, and this morning I'm right back where I was last week.

I'm not happy with myself.

This morning, I thought about changing my weigh-in day. Then I realized that the weight needs to stay off, not just be less one day. Now, I'm still thinking about changing the weigh-in day just to change my schedule a bit, give myself a shake-up to see if it would help me get back on track.

I was not good with my eating this week. Guess I will try harder next week. I tracked every bite, but I bit too much.

Tonight is Relay for Life. I'm not very excited, like I feel I should be. But that's another story. I won't bother you with it here.

I just feel like I've lost my motivation. Maybe it's just today, maybe it's something more. Either way, I need to either find that motivation again, or find a new motivation.


  1. Ugh...motivation. It really is hard to come by, especially when it comes to weight loss :/ But you've been doing so great! And it's ok to have an off day. And speaking of Relay, I had a great time last night! We all appreciate you being the team leader and organizing things for us. Come over for a cup of tea and a chat anytime :}

  2. Don't get too discouraged with the weight loss plans/goals. You are looking *FABULOUS* and have done an awesome job thus far. Don't give up!

  3. Weird question, but, when's the last time you've had your thyroid checked?

    I had fun at Relay! Thanks for letting me snooze on your cot!

    1. I had some thyroid bloodwork done years ago, like '04 or '05? back in KS. I have been meaning to schedule a doc appointment to get cholesterol and thyroid checked, at least for a baseline.

    2. That's a very good suggestion, Amber! My mom found that she felt TONS better after getting on a medication regimen for her thyroid.