Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Got My Stitch Fixed

I signed up to try Stitch Fix. It's a fashion website. It reminds me of True&Co but with clothes instead of bras. You fill out a style profile, and then a stylist picks out 5 items for you. You get to try them on at home and keep only what you want.

I got my box today. It was just the cure for my almost-panic-attack after touching a worm thing that I had thought was an apple stem. It still gives me shivers. Moving on.

I opened el pretty box. (be patient with my spanglish)

I marveled at the pretty insides and unwrapped the tissue paper.

I was so excited I forgot to snap another pic until I had untied the belt that was holding the bundle together. I took out the pieces and decided the only way to get pics was to put them on hangars. I got 5 tops in my first fix, but I'd kinda asked for that. I'm not big on accessories and I have lots of jeans.

The tops:
black and blue striped cardigan

dark red henley style top

gray blouse with a little ruffle

brown print tunic with navy blue trim and belt 
gorgeous black and white print dress
Then I tried them on. I'll save you from the pics of that. I ended up having a bit of a personal debate about some of the items, but turned to the sound advice of the same friend that referred me to Stitch Fix in the first place.

Let's go in order of the pics here. The blue and black was a Hell Yes before I even put it on. So me.

The red top fits and looks good as long as I leave it unbuttoned. If buttoned, it stretches across the bust and feels a bit tight in the shoulders. Unbuttoned, it fits well and looks good. I decided to keep it.

The gray top was a debate. I tried it buttoned, unbuttoned (there's 1 button at the neck), and with the cardi. I even tried it with a different bra. The final try on was when I figured out what was bothering me about it - the neckline. When buttoned, the shoulders pulled in a bit so my bra straps showed, and the neck hit right at the base of my throat. That drives me nuts. I spend the whole time tugging at the neck. So no, that just won't do, which is too bad because I was warming up to it, even with the ruffle.

The brown print I wasn't sure of. I almost liked it when I put it on, but I hate it on the hangar. Amber helped here with a resounding NO. Definitely not for me.

Finally, the black and white dress. I was so excited. I wanted this to work. Alas, my bust pulled the elastic waist up into an empire cut, which would work if that lead to bunching fabric in the back. I finally made up my mind on this one when I imagined it in a store - I would never buy it with a fit that poor, so back it goes.

That means I ended up keeping 2 of the 3 items. Not too shabby for a first go. Especially considering my odd body. There was a priority mail envelop at the bottom of the box with postage paid. I folded up the clothes to return and wrapped them in the tissue paper. Into the envelope and seal it up so I don't change my mind. Online, I filled out a simple survey about what I liked and didn't like in each piece.

Now to price. Here is where I need a disclaimer - I'm a cheapskate. I hate spending money on myself. Tops are normally only purchased if they are $15 or less. These tops where more than I would ever walk out of a store with, no matter how much I love them. But I felt a little better about getting them this way. Must be how they catch us.

I will do this again, but I have to wait a while to justify the price. If you want to try it out, please consider using my referral link: I had fun doing this. It's great for us introverts to get some shopping done without having to brave the malls. It's a great way to try things you would never pick for yourself in the store. You might be surprised by what you end up liking.