I'm a dork. I'm playing a little bit of catch-up here to get ready for a big news post.

Before we left El Paso, I participated in the Bataan Memorial Death March, for the second time. I tackled the training much like my marathon training. I loaded up my small camel bak backpack and started walking.

The first time I did the Bataan, I took forever and had horrid blisters. This time, I was wearing the same pair of shoes (broken in now) and had much better results. I came in at just under 8 hours, chip time (8.5 hours gun time). I only had a couple blisters, and the worst happened just in the last mile. I felt it, but could feel such fatigue in my legs that I didn't dare stop to bandage it.

I am quite proud of myself this year. I felt much stronger and faster. I even ran a bit! Once you pass halfway, you start some downhill. It was easier on my legs to do a slow run on the downhill portions. Running and walking work the muscles differently, so running a bit made it easier to walk again when I needed to.

I recovered well from the Bataan, doing some short runs the following week. I'm getting good at listening to my body. If I figure out what it wants and needs after a big event, I recover easier and faster. Hot baths are great for my legs, and I'm careful to not overeat, so my stomach/digestive system doesn't get thrown off whack.

After that, we really just got ready for the move. It was very hectic. Packers, movers, empty house. We left El Paso on a Friday afternoon and arrived in Lawton, Oklahoma on Saturday afternoon. Sunday we drove around looking at houses. Monday we went inside some houses and applied for one. Tuesday we had a house. Wednesday we went to Kansas.

Kansas was nice. It felt different having the animals there. Remy did OK. He didn't like being left in the basement suite when we weren't there, and he tried to stalk the neighbor's chickens a few times (they are in a chicken coop). Duke did great, and figured out which chair was the comfiest to nap in. We got lots of nephew time in. Liam is mobile and babbling a lot. It's a fun stage. I can say that because I don't have to care for him everyday.

I didn't get to see one of my Nuns, Sr. Dorothy. She is in Utah taking care of her sister (actual sister, like, by blood) who had surgery a while ago. But I saw Anne and Anita. As much as I want to get an overseas post, I will greatly miss my annual visit with the Nuns.

So that brings me back to Lawton. We have a tiny little house, which means we're purging even more.  It's a cute house, very close to post, in a good neighborhood. There is some great biking in our area, but not much for running. However, it's a short drive to a couple great paved trails we can run on. One on post is 3 miles, the other is a park with a 1.5 mile trail, or 1.8 if you take the extra bit.

We are almost unpacked, just a couple boxes to empty. Still figuring out where to put everything. I finally finished the bedspread I've been working on forever, and it is on my bed. I'm quite proud of it. I love the colors and prints. Now to get set up and finish all my UFOs (unfinished objects).

And with that, I will soon be posting some news. But I'm waiting another day or two. It's good, I promise. We are still waiting on orders to see where we will be next year. I will give a nice post about that when I get the news myself.


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