Stitch Fix The Perfect (I Mean, Third)

This is my first Stitch fix in a while, and first since starting work again. It's also the first one in which I'm buying the whole box.

Yes, it is perfect. This stylist, named Jin, totally got me. My colors, my styles, and everything fits!! I will be incorporating probably all of these pieces into my long weekend in Denver at the end of the month. My cousin is getting married, and these pieces are great for travel and dress.

I got some sad news today, so this was a needed pick-me-up.

Here you go, pics aren't the greatest and I apparently need to dust my full-length mirror.

Gilli Maxi Dress with Pomelo Cardi (pockets!)

Gilli Maxi Dress by itself

Pomelo tank with Chris&Carol maxi skirt
Renee C cross-front top and same skirt (my own cami underneath)

detail of the Pomelo tank

detail of the Renee C top
 Wanna give it a try? Please use my referral link.


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