Working On My Self

I've followed the first 2 weeks with Sasha, and after a binge-induced weight gain of 2 pounds at the very beginning, I got down to 159 for the end. So while I put those 2 pounds on, I managed to take them and another pound off. I also lost an inch or so on my waist and hips.

Let's analyze.

The workouts:

I enjoyed the workouts, and found myself motived to keep going. I even managed to get a good workout in with a migraine, just fewer reps and moved slower. For this new set, I have 2 longer days and 2 shorter days. On the short days, like today, I can do a half hour of cardio before doing the workout. Today, I ran the 3 mile track with pup, then did a core workout in the grass. On the longer days, I'll warm up with some cardio and then try to get in beast mode. Friday went well, working on my upper body. I was nice and sore for my bike ride Saturday.

I'm still putting long rides in on the weekend. Only 2 weeks until the Hotter'N Hell Hundred. I signed up for 100 Kilometers (62 miles). This weekend I did 40 miles. Next weekend I'll do 50, or just over, and then I'll tackle the 62. I'm told the route is very flat, which makes it a little more boring, but maybe I can maintain a good average speed that way.

The foods:

The food, oh the food, is always my downfall. Part of the problem is that I want to use up foods I have in my house before replacing them with healthier options. That means I ate instant velveeta shells and cheese cups, and other horrible for me foods. Now those are getting gone and I'm working on replacing them with healthier, fresher options. Going grocery shopping after lunch today.

This next 2 weeks, I got some meal ideas from Sasha to help me with menu planning. No microwave or fridge at work, so packed meals need to be the kind I can eat without heating up. My lunch box does well with a blue ice to keep things cold. Sandwiches and salads are mostly what I'm eating at work. I'm a little sad that I don't get any leftovers. I have some tasty corn chowder and some vegetarian shepherd's pie (doesn't make sense, but it's oh so tasty) in the fridge.

I did better with cycling nutrition this week. I cut my peanut butter bar in half, and it worked out well. half a bar is the right size to shove in my mouth on the bike and not end up with sticky fingers. I also used Nuun instead of my Osmo active hydration. Nuun is going to be my go-to again. Flavor options, no sugar, and very few calories. I do still like the Osmo recovery stuff. It has protein and other things to help me get back on my feet faster after a hard run or ride.

The mental:

I have managed to stress less about the upcoming move. I got some questions answered, and wrote out others. Just having a list, a source I can turn to for my questions, my to-dos, has calmed me. I'm still working on some basic Italian. I can count to 19, but you have to pay for numbers 20-100. Lame.

I'm also mentally prepping for my cousin's wedding at the end of the month. I was Zach's nanny for 2 summers as a teenager (he was a pre-teen), and how he's getting married. I'm super excited to go to Denver for this. I have my clothes picked out, bought new makeup since apparently the packers in TX stole mine (still seems so weird, to take used makeup), and finally found some dressy flats that fit my feet.

I still struggle with mental food issues. I eat when bored or emotional. Easing the stress helped, but unfortunately my job can be pretty boring some days. It's hard to avoid the vending machine. But we are moving this week, and we still don't really know how everything will work out since my place is combining with a bar/restaurant, but the food side of things isn't open all afternoon. At least it's not now. Oh well, not my problem. I just check out equipment to Soldiers.

So that's my world as of today. Time to eat some soup and go grocery shopping.


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