Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Dog is the Best Ever

At least, I think he is.

I saw a friend's facebook post about taking her little chihuahua mix to the nursing home for a visit. He's a therapy dog and they make regular visits.

I think Rembrandt would be perfect for this job! Well, with a little training. He does get a little too excited sometimes.

I looked up a couple places that certify therapy dogs. If we do this, we will get certified. I rather like Therapy Dogs, Inc. based out of Cheyenne, WY. I can look around for something more local, too.

Like I said, I know Remy needs training before he can pass the tests. But his friendly and submissive personality is suited to working with people. He loves people. I don't think it's unreasonable to give myself a year to train him up. He knows sit and stay, and is getting much better with stay. He's walking better than he used to, pulling less. He is pretty good with leave it and drop it as well. Need to teach him to lay down, though. And no jumping. I also think giving him another year might calm him down a bit.

I need to work on his training more. I know that. This just gives us a reward for doing it. 


  1. Hey Babe, if you've taught him to sit, getting him to go down is easy peasy.
    Take a high value reward, pepperoni or some such, and when he's sitting, hold iit in front of him near his nose, and then ssay "down" whil slowly pulling the treat down o the ground. Dont go straight down though, go down so far and then out, so that he reaches out and onto his belly.
    He'll be downing in no time.