I cancelled my Weight Watchers account today. I'm still stuck at my plateau. It doesn't help that I'm on day 3 of a migraine.

So about the weight loss. I'm still going to keep tracking with my fitness pal. But I'm looking into try a supplement. I hate supplements. I don't really believe in them. But I'm at a point where I don't know what else to try.

I know 2 people using the one I'm looking at - my sister and her old high school friend. Dot was at a similar place to me, not a lot to lose, but stuck at a plateau. Her doctor agreed that she should try it and is monitoring her use of it. And it's working. She broke her plateau. Her friend is like me and doesn't believe in weight loss supplements, but again, hit a plateau. She did tons of research before choosing this supplement.

It's called Signature SKINNY Insane AMP'D. You take 2 pills in the morning before breakfast. That's easy enough. The lady Dot orders from is in our home state of Wyoming. I can call her and talk to her about it, see if that one is the best one for me, or if I should start with another one. 

As for the migraine, yeah. Started friday, the kind with side effects and little pain. Let me take that back. I had the invisible headband (where it feels like I have a headband on, or my sunglasses on my head, but I don't) and mild vertigo, but that was it. Friday had more pressure, some vertigo, and mild pain with lots of tension in my neck and shoulders. 

I had planned on a bike ride Saturday, but woke up with the migraine still. I spent all day in my PJs. Did manage to dye my hair. This morning I didn't have the side effects, but the pain was coming stronger. After 2 days of maxalt, I switched to tramadol. I've been able to just do 1 pill every 6 or so hours. My upper back is very sore, so I'm also taking ibuprofen. 

This really has to go away. I need to clean house tomorrow. Book club is Tuesday. I'm making wontons and white rice. I think I'll do some iced green tea as well. Oh yeah, you may not know, we're doing a Chinese and Japanese theme potluck since our book was about a Chinese American boy and a Japanese American girl. 

Anywho, it's windy out, stormy, and I keep getting vertigo. I think I should go to bed. 


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