Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Big D

It's official. The Big D. Deployment, that is. And by official, I mean he's gone already. Yes, J is in "an undisclosed location in southwest Asia." Yes. That's all I'm supposed to say.

He's at an airforce base, so it's pretty posh compared to the soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. He has a pool, a gym, places to eat out, his own room with a shared bathroom.

So my mom came down to spend some time with me. She said by the time she leaves I will be sick of her and ready to be on my own. Can you tell we're related? She brought me a cooler of beef and lamb from back home. Oh yes, good times. She also brought her sewing machine. We're going to sew together.

So far things have been OK. Yesterday, mom and I spent the whole afternoon with my pseudo-nephew, B. His mommy, my good friend, was having baby number 2. She was born yesterday evening. I've yet to meet her, but I'm excited!

Unfortunately, I also got a migraine yesterday. Still here today. It's not a bad one, but it's there.

So, mom and I have plans to sew, and shop, and visit. And she'll be here to greet me at the finish line of the Transmountain Challenge. That will be nice.

But right now the screen is making my head hurt, and the cat is laying on my arms as I type, and he's a little heavy for that. So I'm going to wrap it up. I'll write a better post later.

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