Friday, October 26, 2012

My Body: Calves (moo)

I'm late! I should have done this Monday! Oh well.

Honestly, I've always liked my calves. They start at my tiny little ankles. I do have tiny ankles. As in skinny. And I have a beautiful tattoo on one of those ankles. I love dressy shoes that strap around the ankle because it shows off how tiny they are.

My calves have never been big, and always had a little definition. I didn't pay much attention to them as a kid. What kid looks at their calves? But I remember my sister once pointing out a muscle definition line down the outside of my calf and saying she was jealous of that.

Now that I'm running and biking, that muscle definition is more clear. It does make shaving a little more fun. I have to go over that area a second time, usually. But I love them. I like knee length skirts and capri pants that show off my calves. I have one formal dress that's tea length that I love. I wear it with strappy heels. I think my legs look awesome in it. Really, I love my calves.

It's probably an odd body part to like, but when people ask me my favorite part of my body, it's probably my calves. Although I do have trouble with tall boots sometimes. With my tiny ankles, the boots get slouchy in the ankle area. So I'm careful about what boots I get, but then, I'm careful about all my shoes :)

I guess this means I need a photo. BRB.

of course, it's the tattooed leg

not the best photo, but I can see my muscles!
Those are my calves. I have different feelings about my calves and thighs, so I wanted to blog them separately. There you have it. My favorite body part. 

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