Monday, June 17, 2013

Fan + Girl = Me

My name is Charla and I am a fangirl.

J and I went to the Phoenix Comicon for the second year in a row. We weren’t really planning on going this year until John Barrowman announced that he would be going (that’s Captain Jack Harkness for those of you not in the know). I was super excited, so J said yes. 

We drove to Phoenix, AZ on Friday and checked into our hotel. We actually stayed at one of the main hotels this year since it was just a block from the convention center. The room was nice, on the 17th floor.  While checking in, we actually saw John Barrowman arrive. OH.MY. GOD. My heart pounded, I think I started bouncing and I snapped a quick pic with my phone.

oh heavens

Squee!! I realized I really am a fangirl. I got super excited just to see him. No, I did not have the guts to walk up and say hi. He looked a little tired from his trip and I thought of how much I just wanted to get to my room. J said I was having an anxiety attack. But he was standing right there!!

We changed into our costumes before heading over to check in and get our badges. Yes, we wore costumes for the con. J was the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) in more of his current (season 7) costume, and I was the 10th Doctor (David Tennant).

our versions of Eleven and Ten, minus Eleven's hair 
just me, and my blue hair
We got our badges, and started walking through the vendor booths. We got through a small section when we realized we had just gotten started. The exhibitor hall was expanded from last year. I’m not sure we even made it halfway before leaving to hit a show.

Turns out we didn’t do that show. The line was gigantic and went down a stairwell and I started to get a bit panicky. I don’t handle large groups of people in small spaces well. (That’s an understatement.) So we went to a panel instead, and it was kinda fun.  Then back to our room to crash for the night.

Day two was not in costume. We thought we might change into them later, but it was rather hot for suits.  Plus, I’m not enough of a fangirl to have my photo op done in my Tenth costume, and J didn’t want his costume in his, either. We wandered a little, and then it was time to line up for my photo.  I got in line about half an hour early, but that was smart. The lines get pretty long.

Photo ops at the comicon are not a simple thing. You have to have your printed barcode or the ticket you purchased that day. You stand in line in the hallway until they are ready for your group in the main room. You then file into a corral and slowly shuffle along until you get to the front. Lots of waiting for the person(s) you’re getting  your photo with to get there and for them to get all set up. Finally, the line moves and you get to the front. They have numbered bins where you can dump the stuff you don’t want on you in your photo, and you get a matching number ticket. They have a mirror hanging up, fix yourself up before going in.

You turn the corner and can see the photo ops in front of you taking place. They really rush everyone through. You’re told beforehand that there are no personal pics, no questions, just get your photo taken and get out. They push you through, you pose, smile, photo taken, then leave. That fast. All of 30 seconds.

My excitement level started building once I got in line. I was lucky enough to be in front of a nice lady who was fun to talk to. She was dressed as the Fourth Doctor, and since we were in line for a Dr. Who photo op, we talked Who. Her daughter, a natural redhead, put on a wedding dress to be Donna in her first appearance.

The closer we got to the front of the line, the more my excitement built. By the time I got to the mirror, I was quite literally bouncing with every step. And then, it was my turn. I took my place and the great, handsome, awesome, funny, talented, wonderful John Barrowman stood behind me, wrapped his arms around me, and we smiled for the camera.


All I could say was quick thank you before I had to move out for the next person. Leaving wasn’t just a bouncing step, but actually bouncing out of there. I think I actually squee’d. I got my purse from the bin and immediately grabbed my phone to text J. All I said was, “He hugged me!!!” The adrenaline levels stayed high for a few hours, and got a big boost when I went to grab my photo. Seeing the print brought the rush back.
I have no words
J’s photo op was in the afternoon, so we did lunch and some shopping before he had to get in line. I would have gotten my photo autographed, would have gladly spent the $40 on it, but the line was so long, I would have spent all afternoon in line. Ugh. I had my photo, and I was happy.

He's right over there! 
We did a little shopping that day as well. I got a t-shirt I had seen last year, when stock was running low and they were out of my size. I snagged it right away. It’s the awesome sauce.

The Flight Of The Penguin
We also got a little something for our future nephew, who has yet to make his grand entrance. He can wait a while and finish baking. We’re fine with that.

Sunday was our final day. We looked into some local bike shops, but the one we really wanted to go to wasn’t open on Sundays. We wandered around the comicon for a while and looked for anything we might have missed before hitting the road.

There’s your brief summary. Now, here’s why I go. Not only do I get the chance to meet someone I greatly admire, but I’m surrounded by people who are on the same or a higher geek level. I’m surrounded by geeks and geekiness. It’s some of the best people watching there is. Even better than the airport, because you see people who dress as they wish they could, instead of how they think they should. Awkwardness abounds, and is accepted.

We won’t be here for next year’s Phoenix Comicon, but I will definitely be checking for others near me. I’m hooked.

Especially if John Barrowman shows up. 

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