Thursday, June 27, 2013


So, one thing we figured out on our vacation to Colorado is that I would fit better on a women's specific bike. We looked around a little while on vacation but didn't see anything for me. J is also looking for a new bike, but had something more specific in mind. I was just looking to see what was out there.

Before we left on our trip, we had seen a nice looking Felt bike at one of our local bike shops. Once we got back from vacation, we headed back to that same shop, hoping to get more info on a bike for J. The bike I had seen before was still there. It wasn't like anything I could find online, even on the Felt website.

So I asked about it.

Turns out it's a 2011 model that just never sold. Felt doesn't even make the ZW6 anymore.

World, meet Honey.

Honey, meet the world.
I've been on 3 rides on her, and so far, I'm in love. The seat is made to fit a woman's butt, and mine doesn't get as sore on rides. The handle bars are set for a more upright position, and are just a bit smaller and closer than men's bikes. I don't even mind the little bits of orange on her.

I did already have my first crash. On Sunday, J got me to go on my first group ride with the Team Army Fort Bliss Cycling. It was all guys, and all faster than me. They said they would set a "slow" pace of 16 to 18 mph. Ha! Well, I managed to keep up for a good chunk of the ride. J made sure to stick with me and not leave me behind. After a rest at the shoppette, I really started falling behind.

The group leader fell back to make sure we didn't lose our way and finished the ride with us. We came up to a stop sign, and instead of coasting through, the two guys suddenly unclipped and stopped. Well I unclipped, got my foot on the ground, and managed to keep going until the rest of me was on the ground. Turns out there was an MP that they saw and I didn't. That MP did come over and make sure I OK, which I was. Just a little road rash on my knee and a couple scratch's on Honey's brake lever. I have some white enamel paint that should take care of her. I'm healing up just fine.

Doing that fast ride, which really pushed me and left my legs like jello, prepped me for Tuesday morning. We did a group ride with J's Brigade Commander (and his wife) who just got a new road bike. It was a much slower pace and I was glad for it. No trouble keeping up, and I felt better on the bridges than I usually do. I think only part of that is due to Honey's smoother shifting. 

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