The Goddaughter, Or, My Weekend At Krystal's

Y’all have heard me talk about Misty. She’s my BFF. Like, if we were sexually attracted to each other, we’d be married. Instead, we each fell in love with someone else, but got matching tattoos to make our friendship permanent.

Misty currently lives on the east coast. That’s hella far from El Paso. She also has a baby girl that just turned 1, Sophie, my niece and goddaughter. She’s an amazing little girl. Being so hella far apart, I don’t get to see them often. I did fly out and spend a couple weeks with them when Sophie was just 3 months old.

Misty has a big family. She’s the youngest of 6 and has multiple stepsiblings.  She has more family than I could ever keep track of. However, her oldest sister, Krystal, is also my friend. Krystal’s 3 daughters call me Aunt.

Well, Krystal had gone back to college and graduated just this May. Misty and Sophie were flying out for it. Krystal, by the way, lives in the same state as I currently do. Actually within a day’s drive. So, with Misty and Soph so close, how could I not go see them?

I drove out on a Saturday. Misty had flown in a couple days before. I got in just a little before the graduation, so I met everyone at the college. It was great to see everyone again, and actually meet Krystal’s husband for the first time. (He’s a cool guy.)

We went out to eat after graduation and got all caught up. I hadn’t seen Krystal or the girls in quite a while. The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. Krystal and I dyed Misty’s hair. We watched some movies. We talked. A lot.

I headed back home Sunday. It was a fast weekend, but definitely worth it. I’ll take every chance to see them. Sophie is an amazing little girl. I was more excited about Misty having a baby that I would be for myself. It helps that I love being an aunt.

I don’t know when I will get to see them again, but we are going to do some facetime/skype dates. I want that little girl to know who I am. I want her to be a big part of my life. I hope I can be a huge part of hers. 


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