Monday, August 4, 2014

Che Si Dice?

*warning* this is basically a rambling, stream of consciousness type post

That's Italian, basically asking, "What's up?" I downloaded a couple Italian language apps on my phone, but only kept one. I felt like it was easier to navigate and that I was learning easily. I have a long way to go. BTW, that app is called Learn Italian - Molto Bene. (Yes, I've been dieing about all the molto benes and the Doctor Who reference that they don't even realize they are making.)

I suppose some of you might not know why I suddenly gave up my love of German (well, set it aside, really) and took up Italian. Here's the news bomb: we're moving to Italy.

When I got the email with J's RFO (that's like, pre-orders, so there's a small chance the Army could still change it's mind) saying we were headed to Italy, I was so excited I wanted to scream and bounce around the room. I couldn't because I was at work. Then the shock started to sink in, and is still very present.

Italy was only given as an option about a week or so ago. It wasn't on my radar for the past couple months, then suddenly presented, and now becoming reality. I've never even imagined living in Italy. I've been there, but only spent half a day in Venice. I don't know the culture, the language, or much of anything, other than the fact that I will have a hard time not getting fat there.

I've only ever PCSed twice, and both times, obviously, it was stateside. So now I'm getting ready to PCS overseas. Holy crap. OMG. My brain is going to either explode or implode. Or it will explode and then immediately implode that explosion, sucking all the force back in on itself like a crazy sci-fi move.

I've started some online research. Fortunately, the base we are headed to has a great website with lots of information. I also got in touch with another army spouse I know who is currently stationed in Italy, actually not far from where I will be. I also plan to have a chat with my MIL who did a move to Italy around 16 years ago.

I found out that there is no quarantine for the pets, which is awesome. I just get forms filled out by the vet, make sure their shots are up to date. We should be settled in Italy before any of their annual shots are due. Maybe I should learn some of Rem's basic commands in Italian and start using both languages with him. That's a fun idea.

The hard part about this move is what come between here and there. J has a TDY assignment en route, which often means the spouse/family either stays in the previous location or heads to the new one. We have been planning on me going with him. It probably means leaving our stuff in storage for a few months and living in a furnished apartment. Ok. I can handle that. Then I start thinking about things, like what do we take with us, and what do we go ahead and let them pack up, and if we take stuff with us will they pack it and ship it from there, and, and, and...

*big sigh*

No wonder I'm on day 4 of a mild migraine. I don't know how to not stress about this. I'm constantly thinking about it and coming up with more questions and not many answers. UGH. Like, what about my christmas cactus? It hasn't bloomed, but I haven't killed it yet, and that's pretty amazing for me. Can I take it with me? Do you fly with a plant? Or should I leave it in the knowing hands of my sister and brother-in-law until we someday return stateside? I held off on my venus flytrap starter kit, and I'm glad now. I can start it in Italy, where it's humid (they like humidity), and let it get a good foundation before moving with it.

This is all rather overwhelming. Especially when I realize it's already August. OMG, where did the summer go? July was a blur as I was working both jobs. J is still very busy doing 2 schools at once, so that means I need to step up and take care of some of this, what little I can. I can get the pets taken care of. I can try to sort and organize our house (I suck at that).

Ok. Enough for now. I'm going to distract myself on the internet for a little bit while I finish my cup of coffee, then I have to go grocery shopping. 

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  1. Hugs, my friend! It can be a daunting prospect, but all you can do is hang on and try to enjoy the ride as much as possible! I'm here if you need anything, especially OCONUS-related emotional support (since HI is considered OCONUS as well)!