Friday, March 2, 2012

Full Life Update

So much going on right now.

We went to Grandpa's funeral, and it was nice, as funeral's go. I'm glad we had that last visit to the area as a visit to Grandpa. It's going to be hard to not have him there.

I didn't even log in to WW last week. I'm back up to 155. I have, however, dropped pants sizes from a 14 to about an 8. And gone down 1 bra size. I'm still in a 12/14 top. I'm pretty happy with my body right now. I'm going to keep going to the power pump class at the gym as often as I can. Won't make it this morning.

I'm doing belly dance twice a week now, one of those days working on level 2 moves. I do love it. Really need to hurry up and sew my choli top and harem pants.

This morning, I'm taking Duke in for some blood work. Just checking his levels, see if the anemia is getting better. I think he's doing fine. He's a little angry because he had to fast for the blood work, but not as angry as last time.

Remy is exhausted from playing with a puppy while we were gone, and a date with Athena yesterday. He really needs a haircut. So do I.

I have so much on my mind lately. J thinks I should go back to school, and I somewhat agree, but can't figure out what to go for. I looked at these enology classes (the study of making wine), but I just don't know. I might actually go back for a Masters in English. Who knows, maybe I actually would be OK teaching at the college level. I do love analyzing and tearing apart a good book.

And then there is our Army life. I've been prepping for J to deploy at the end of the year. Now it looks like he is on an accelerated timeline. No details, OPSEC and all that. He is definitely deploying this year, and it looks like sooner rather than later. It's a lot to wrap my head around.

Of course there are all the little things as well. I have to make up my mind about OCSA, whether I want to keep doing newsletter, do another board position, or just stick to my sub club that I'm POC for. I was contacted by someone who is taking on Relay For Life this year, and offered to help. I won't take on any big positions, but could maybe be their connection to how things went last year. Help where I can.

My dog just farted and it really stinks.

And on that bombshell....

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