Oh, What A Weekend

So... Where do I start?

At the beginning, of course.

This past Thursday, I was having a good day. Went to the Officers' Wives luncheon, modeled a red dress that barely fit my chest in it (although everyone said it looked great), and made a trip to JoAnn's for trim for my tribal bra. That's where things started going downhill. I was getting very tired, and forgot my coupons. On my way home, got even more tired, and my stomach started to get upset.

At home, I started sewing, got 2 stitches in, and the thread knotted and broke. I gave up. I was exhausted, and my stomach hurt. By the time J got home, he knew I wasn't feeling good because I was watching Buffy. I often watch Buffy when I'm not feeling well.

It kept getting worse from there. I spent most of the night in the bathroom. I eventually called Mom for advice, and we almost decided I should go to the ER. Almost. It started slowing down, and then I was able to get a little sleep and keep water down, so I didn't go. Mom and I are pretty sure I gave myself food poisoning from the rice I had for breakfast that day. Must have been on the turning point.

Friday morning, I canceled all activities and spent the morning in my PJs on the couch. I had Jello water for breakfast, and toast when my stomach started growling.

Friday night was our Dining Out. I was feeling well enough to go, but wasn't able to really eat anything. The Battery gave me a Yellow Rose of Texas Certificate, and the Launcher Dogs (J's platoon) raised a ruckus for me. I love this platoon. Made it through the night and slept well.

I was able to eat even more on Saturday, but still pretty tired. Made it to a farewell function for my dear friend Claudia.

Then came this morning. J and I ran the World's Fastest 10K. You start just over the peak of Transmountain Road, then run down the western side. I have been very excited for this race, but this morning, I knew I wouldn't do very well. J is dealing with sinus issues, probably allergies, and I have barely eaten anything all weekend.

I don't even know my official time. It was right about an hour. Yeah, that's slower than the 6 miler I ran a week ago, and it was mostly downhill.

However, as J pointed out, I ran 6.2 miles in an hour after recovering from food poisoning and barely eating anything all weekend. I've been eating mostly bread, potatoes, and some fruits and veggies.  I was able to do some cheese and crackers for lunch today, and might attempt some chicken at dinner tonight. Might. So far meat is the thing that really doesn't sound good. Not sure why.

Oh, and I seem to have broken my weight loss plateau - in the least healthy way possible. Ha. You don't have to worry about me ever being bulimic. I hate throwing up. No, I loathe it.

So don't be surprised if I'm extra-veggie this week. I'm just trying to let tummy heal up. I'm sorry, tummy. I never meant to hurt you like that. Please forgive me.


  1. I am sorry honey - I hope that it heals quickly. And just so you know I think your amazing all the time :)

  2. We've been fighting illness all weekend too. Hope you recover quickly!


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