Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Anatomy of a Migraine

I got a migraine today. Still have it, in fact. It's not my typical migraine. It came on rather suddenly compared to the week-long buildup I usually have.

I went for a run this morning. Pretty good. Jessica came over and picked out some fabric for a little project I'm making for her (that I plan on blogging as long as I remember to take photos throughout). I went to belly dance. Good times.

At belly dance, I noticed my zils were hurting on my thumbs. My hands were swollen. I started drinking more water. I sat down for a bit. Then Amber commented that I looked pale. I tend to lose color in my face with migraines.

So I sat for the rest little bit of belly dance and drank more water, oh and took some ibuprofen. She said I looked a little better by the time we left, but I was starting to get the foggy feeling of a migraine, and my brain was not processing correctly.

So instead of going to decorate mugs, I went home via Sonic. I needed food. I ate my hamburger, browsed online for a bit, then decided to go to bed. I think that was around 1pm. I woke up around 3:45pm. Felt better, but not good enough to walk to Nancy Louise's house. I drove instead. Just wanted to hang out with the girls for a while. Well, girls and boys. Andrew, Jack, Cameron, and Ramzy. That's in age order. All under 2. Total cutie pies.

I'm still iffy, and even took some tramadol with dinner. I like my prescription meds. I stay somewhat clear minded with just one. If I have to take 2, I get foggy and usually just go to sleep.

Not sure what triggered this one. I'm not more stressed than I have been the past few weeks. Only thing I can think of is that maybe I over did the working out? Or didn't eat/drink enough to go with it? Monday I walked Remy then belly danced for about an hour and a half. Tuesday I did a 5K with Remy. Today I did another 5K, then went to belly dance. I have plans to run again tomorrow, but we'll see how I feel in the morning. I think I'll take another tramadol before bed to help me sleep it off.

I have no plans for tomorrow during the day, so I think I'll get started on that project for Jessica. Could probably finish it if I work at it. Then again, I thought about going to JoAnnes and getting some different thread for it. And I need a new cutting mat since I warped mine. I could still get quite a bit done on them. Curious yet? You'll see. I want to start blogging some of my crafts. This will be the start.

Time now to go lay in bed and probably crash right away. 

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