I Think I'm Paranoid

I've been having a bit of a mental debate with myself, from time to time.

It starts up whenever I see the blue star flags, or the term blue star families, or anything of that nature.

Don't know about blue stars? This website has a good explanation on the index page. My in-laws have a blue star banner in their window, since J (their son, duh) is serving on active duty.

Lately, a lot of people only hang blue stars when a family member is deployed. I thought that's what it meant, until my father-in-law did the research. So technically, I could hang one right now, since my husband is serving. However, I feel that, because of the misunderstanding about the star's meaning, some people might see it as a sign that I am home while my husband is away. Welcome creepers.

Here's where I tell myself I'm a bit paranoid. I live on main post. I live in a very safe neighborhood compared to many others in my current city. I have a gun to defend myself. I know how to use it and I don't think I would hesitate to shoot a creeper in self defense. But would I really need to? Would anyone even bother trying to scope out my house?

We don't use the front door a lot, so there's never a lot of traffic that way, and I always keep it locked. Like, always. We don't have a bunch of expensive stuff, don't drive expensive cars (mine is 8 years old now), and don't act like we have anything worth stealing.

So when I think hanging a blue star banner in my window is like welcoming the bad guys, I'm just being my usual, cynical, slightly paranoid self.



  1. If you're that paranoid, would getting one for your car make you feel better?
    Or perhaps hanging it somewhere in your house that's not displayed outside?

    1. Part of me feels that I don't need a blue star anyway. I mean, I know he's deployed. I know what he's doing. I've never really felt it was something I had to share with anyone/everyone. I'm proud, but I show that by the fact that I'm still around and with him, supporting him in this. I'm sure I'll make up my mind about it once he actually leaves.

    2. I want a blue star, because I feel like I belonged in the 40s. Now, mind you, I might not place it in my window, but I'll display it proudly somewhere. Maybe I'll paint a big blue one on the house. ;D

      But, I like your reasons, and it seems that you feel you don't need one. Everyone shows their support differently. :)


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