I've Been Quiet Lately

Not blogging much, I know. So here's a bit of a brain dump post.

Last Tuesday, I flew to Kansas, just like I have done since I moved to Texas. I didn't visit as many people as I usually do. In fact, other than the in-laws and the nuns (all considered family), I only visited with 1 person, that I haven't seen in years. I basically took my time in KS this year to try and destress. It helped quite a bit.

I've been getting very forgetful and scatterbrained lately, and I think the stress of J's upcoming deployment, and not knowing any details (still) was really getting to me. My time in KS was relaxing and I didn't worry so much about everything that we don't know yet.

I spent a whole day with an old friend from college that had moved back to that area. It was great. I met her little girl who is just precious, and we just caught up. The great thing is that she grew up an Army brat, so she understands the Army talk and lingo. I don't have to explain things to her the way I do with non-Army friends.

I spent quite a bit (maybe a little too much) on bras, but I have some great ones. Including a new strapless. Which is perfect since we have another ball on Thursday. I spent a lot of quality time with my mom-in-law, discussing all kinds of things.

Now that I'm home, J and I have looked at our finances, and came to a realization. We got a little spend happy in March. So I looked at our income and expenses, and we're setting ourselves a bit of a budget. We want to start investing more, especially during his deployment while we can invest money tax-exempt. We each have a spending weekly spending limit for things like eating out, coffees, and unplanned spending.

I've also been thinking about my blogs. I want to put more into them. I'm just not entirely sure where to start. I would like to jazz up the appearance on at least this one and Bra Crusader. I'd love to set myself some kind of schedule to blog regularly, but we all know I'm not that great with schedules. But it might help keep me on track while J's gone. A way to keep myself aware of what day it is.

Finally, I have been doing good on the weight loss side of life. However, I let Remy get a little chunky over the winter. So we need to start walking and running more. Which is good for both of us. We also got Remy a deployment doll. J took it to the field with him and got it all kinds of stinky, so we know Rem will love it. He doesn't get it until after J's gone. Something with Daddy's smell to help remember him.

Ok. brain is emptied. Time to look up some more coupons in my attempt to save a few bucks at the commissary.


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