Soy Un Perdedor

And on another note....

I'm down to 151. I've lost 10% of myself since starting Weight Watchers.

I really want to lose those last 2 pounds to put me in that "healthy" weight range, even though the rumors say they aren't going to follow BMI charts anymore. Once I get there, I really need to focus more on getting in shape, building up some upper body strength.

I'm going to start the Tuesday yoga basics class with a friend. I think that will help both physically and mentally. I might also watch for a pilates class at a convenient time and try to make that something regular.

As for now, I'm still mostly just running and dancing. I made it to the pool last week and would like to keep that up once a week. There is a triathlon coming up, like a month from now, but I don't think I'll be ready for it. I'd like more pool time and I haven't been on my bike in a month or more. Bad Charla!

The food is getting easier sometimes. Today, I realized that a whole pbj was a little too much for me, so I made myself a half sandwich. It was just enough with my mac and cheese. I still have slip ups and have huge points days, but not as often.

I also need to take in my pants. The ones I just bought last summer. Le sigh. If I have my cell phone in my pocket, it weighs them down enough that they start to fall off my butt. Or lack thereof. I have to admit, it's rather a nice problem to have. My clothes are all too big now. I really think this time I'll be able to keep it this way and not put the weight back on. Even had to trim the band on my sports watch the other day. I only have 1 more hole in it before I'll have to punch more holes or get a new band. I have small wrists.

I'm looking forward to my mom's next visit, because I can have her teach me how to take in the clothes I want to keep. Including some of my dresses. I have 1 formal that really fits right now, and 1 that will probably fit if I tighten the corseting on the back even more. Oh such troubles, I know, I know.

I think I should take some comparison pics of myself. I have some from back in KS, before I started my first diet. I should have some, somewhere, of me at 160ish as well. If I can find them, I'll take more and post them for y'all. Ok, mostly for me. But I like to share. 


  1. I'd like to start swimming! I'm very bad at it, but if you're paitent, I'll go with you! Just let me get this whole move figured out...

    1. I can be patient! Swimming is great - low impact and full body toning.

    2. Awesome! Now I need to find a swimsuit that's not a bikini...

    3. Big 5 sports stores usually have a small selection of speedos and tyrs. Academy or Sports Authority might have a better selection. I swam for a year in high school.

  2. Gah. Hit the button too quickly. But congrats on the weight loss! YAY!


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