Cleaning (Sigh)

I made myself a monthly schedule. I went with a whole month so I can add some monthly items in, like pulling out the couches and vacuuming under and behind those. I plan to laminate it, probably with contact paper, and hang it on my pantry door. I'll use a dry erase marker to mark off the items as I complete them each day. This lets me mark off my monthly items when they are done as well.

But I keep thinking I'm forgetting some things, so I'm posting it here.
Click me to see full size!

Let me explain a couple things: You'll notice I put the cat box on there. My cat isn't picky, but I really should clean his box more than once a week, if just to keep his room from getting so stinky. I have vacuuming instead of sweeping, because I use a stick-vac on my hard floors. It takes care of dog hair much better than a broom. I have my side notes in red on Sunday, those are just notes. I will wipe down the bathtub weekly, but I like to give it a good scrub every so often, especially with the hard water buildup we get here. Oh, and "declutter" is time to sort things and put things away if I didn't put them away when I was done with them.

I didn't really schedule in cleaning the upstairs at all. We rarely use that bathroom, so it's something I can tidy up when we are having guests.

What am I forgetting? I'm sure there's something I didn't think of. I haven't printed it yet, so please make suggestions!

I thought about doing a cleaning caddy, but I don't know that I really need one. It's something I can do later if I find I need it. I already make my own cleaning wipes and I love that. I also have a spray bottle I can put my all purpose cleaner in. I'm careful with what I use because my dog licks everything.

I think the dog just farted. OMG.

Anywho, I started putting our weekly menu on the fridge a while back, and it's helped both J and I keep track of what we're eating and not let the food go bad before we can cook it. I think having a schedule posted might help me clean also. As of right now, I'm planning to get the chores done when J leaves for work in the morning. I usually get up and do something active while he's at PT, then we clean up and eat breakfast together, and he goes to work. Unless I have something I have to get to, I can get my chores done then and get them out of the way. I'll try to start doing this next week, with extra time to clean the current mess up to maintenance stage.

Yay! I feel somewhat accomplished. Now I'm going to get a little sewing done and try to clean house a bit. When J gets home, we're hoping to hit the pool and do some laps.


  1. Looks good! What about vacuuming upstairs once a week? (or is that included in your "vacuuming" title?) Also, it probably wouldn't hurt to clean the toilet and rinse out the dust in the bathtub and sink in the upstairs bath once a month. Our house inspector told us to use our extra bathroom upstairs (now Bennett's bathroom) at least once a month so the seals and gaskets don't dry out and crack.

    1. Well hopefully as I get the upstairs organized, I'll use the toilet more often and can wipe it down once a month or so. Maybe I'll go ahead and add that once a month. I've never been good about vacuuming carpet, and all the upstairs is carpeted. It doesn't get as gross because Remy doesn't spend much time up there, so maybe once a month or every other week.

  2. What about laundry? Do you think that needs a day?
    It looks pretty good! I'm with Kristy on the bathroom once a month. You may not use it, but it needs attention.
    I also clean out my fridge once a month. Cause, it can get gross and I forget things exist in there.

    1. J does the laundry on weekends :)

    2. The fridge is an excellent idea. I was just looking in mine and thinking about how the shelves and drawers are in serious need of wiping out. :S

  3. Once a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I had a housekeeper come in every two weeks. She rotated cleaning ceiling fans, refridgerator, oven/stove, silverware drawer, and cold air return. So every ten weeks each of these things got cleaned well - in between a lighter cleaning if needed. Worked well for me. I even told her to skip the oven since it never got used. Window sills always needed a morning to themselves when I really decided to clean them well at Bliss.


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