Friday, July 20, 2012

Soy Un Perdedor

Been a while since you saw that title, eh?

Stepped on the scale this morning and was back down to 152. Not entirely sure how I did it, but then again I'm not entirely sure how I put the weight back on to begin with. I'll just go with it. Keep doing what I'm doing and hope it works.

I did manage to get some activity in, at least a walk, every day this week. Plus the previous week I could some extra activity by hitting the pool with J a few times.

Today, however, I am tired. Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster ride for no real reason at all, and I think it wore me out. Emotions make me tired.

I honestly don't have anything else to talk about. Did I tell you about the dog park? The post put one right by the pool. It's right on our walking and running route, so as long as Rem's not a total stinker when we go out, he gets to stop at the park. He loves it. He's usually the only dog there, but he just HAS to go in every time and sniff around.

OH, and we got him a doggy couch. It's cute. He's learning to use it. Last night J was on the big couch, I was on the love seat, and Rem was on his doggy couch. I would post a pic but they are on my phone. Oh well. They're on facebook, under mobile uploads. Look it up.

Guess that's it for now. Just wasting time till J gets home and we can go to Toro for some super tasty burgers and sweet potato fries. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

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