Cleaning Update

I got tons of advice from all kinds of people, and it's helping.

I posted that cleaning schedule on my fridge in a plastic sheet protector. I mark off the chores each day as I do them. I just started week 2.

Week 1 went well. I did end up with a bit of a migraine on Friday and didn't get the master bath done, but I knocked it out this morning. I think it might work.

For my "once a months" I'm going to do that thing on the week it's next to. So this week I pull out the movable furniture (couches, chairs, any shelves that are easy to move) and suck up all the dog hair that collects there. Some of the furniture, mostly shelves, is hard to move and will get done during big cleaning sprees.

I would love to start doing a spring cleaning in preparation for Passover. I haven't even been able to celebrate Passover the past few years, but I'll be home for it next year and have some girlfriends who would be interested in coming.

Anywho, the cleaning is going well. I have a basket that I drop my purse and stuff in, which has helped to keep me from losing my keys, sunglasses, etc.

In other parts of my life, I'm training for the Iron Soldier Spring Triathlon at the end of September. I made some saddle adjustments on my bike that make my ride much easier. J and I have been hitting the pool as often as we can. And I got the same hole in my running shoes as the last pair, right at the arch. I'm going to try on some New Balance zero drops and think I will try a pair of those to see how they hold up. The Merrells lasted 9 or 10 months, which is pretty good. But I would love for them to last longer.

Weight is still a struggle. I still have those 5 pounds that I put back on. I did get a new Gordon Ramsay Healthy Appetite cookbook, though. Can't wait to try some of these recipes!

And now I have a cleaner house to try them in. Yay!


  1. Yay!! Good for you :} I wanna hear about the recipes you try in Ramsay's cookbook too!

    1. I'll have to blog some of them! I might do the blueberry muffins first :)

  2. Want me to come do a white glove test? ;)

    1. Hell no! It's far from perfect, but better than it was. It's slowly getting even nicer as I go along. Just don't step foot in my craft room.

    2. Craft rooms are allowed to be messy. I liken it to Monica's secret closet on "Friends". It's the one place where my true messy-ness is allowed to fester (well ... until visitors need to use the guest room portion of the room.)

    3. Kristy - I have plans to combine J's room and my craft room, leaving the small room for a guest room. That's a lot of rooms in one sentence.

    4. Smart ... especially since he won't be needing that space for a while. I, unfortunately, don't have that luxury, so guests give me motivation to tame the craziness every once and a while! ;)

  3. Way to go on your cleaning! And think about how much less stressed your house will make you as it gets more and more clean! :)


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