Just Some Updates

So I have another migraine. I've felt it trying to come on since Tuesday. At least it picked a day when I have no obligations.

I'm thinking I should probably talk to the doctor again. That is, if I can get an appointment. I'm just not sure the Verapamil is working like we want it to. I've been having more migraine symptoms lately, just not always with a migraine. I also need to have them check my cholesterol. Apparently high cholesterol runs in my family. Yay. And mom said I should make sure they start checking my thyroid since we have a history of thyroid problems, too. Yay again.

I went to my friend and fellow migraine sufferer's house this morning. We just sat and chatted while our dogs wore each other out. Her baby boy was napping for most of it. Her husband is getting home from his deployment today and of course she woke up with a migraine today. We both have arthritis as well, just in different joints.

I'm starting to realize just how close J's real deployment is. As in, this time he really will deploy. We have no set dates yet, and probably won't until a week or two before he takes off, but I know he'll be gone by Christmas.

I'm planning on doing a little shindig for Chanukah this year, inviting my good friends. I'm also planning on telling my family they are not allowed to come spend Christmas with me. I'm not the biggest Christmas fan as it is. I think I would like to do a Christmas dinner with my good friend Kristy, whose husband will be in the same place as mine. Otherwise, I want quiet time with my critters. And Dr. Who specials. I hope they have them. If not I can watch past Dr. Who Christmas specials on netflix or something.

Ok. I need to get off the computer now. Gotta eat something and then I'm going to crash on the couch for a while. 


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