I Hate My Head

I think I'm getting another migraine. I've had a very stiff neck all week, then this morning I get a pain on the left temple. Nothing major, but it lasted for a little while, not an ice pick like I usually get. Then a sensitivity to sound and light hit me like a freight train. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it was pretty sudden. Funny how this waits until J leaves for work to come on.

I took some aspirin. I'm drinking some green tea. I have things to do today.

Time for some thoughts on the past month. I believe I mentioned that we are noticing our budget working this month. Which is great since J got promoted, and we should see his pay raise this month. We'll stick with our current budget and put the money in savings. But this means we can afford J's new computer sooner rather than later. In fact, we're probably buying it today.

And we are starting the switch to Mac.

We made the decision a while ago, which was part of my decision to go with the iphone. J desperately needs a new comp, so we're getting his now. My dell is still doing ok, so we'll hold off on upgrading mine. Plus, we need my dell to get the things off our external hard drive so we can reformat it for mac.

Anywho, other things. This would be my second or third migraine this month. So that front isn't so great. I have some plans to start doing yoga on a more regular basis. A simple sun salutation that I can do every morning. I think it would be a good way to start my day. I'm considering trying a second yoga class during the week, too.

That is, unless I were to find a job. My friend asked me a question last night that has me thinking. I have been so spoiled living here. I get to stay home with my critters. I go to lunches and hang out with friends. I shop. I mean, really, I am spoiled rotten. But at the same time, I do miss having my own money to spend. I feel guilty when I guy things for myself because it's J's money. A part time job would be wonderful. I could make a little money and not have to give up my social obligations. Full time might not let me do that, especially if it's not a regular schedule.

But that's just thinking at the moment. Of course I'll write about it if it becomes more than just thoughts. Those are all the thoughts I can manage right now. Stupid head.


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