Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oy Vey

I had that migraine at the end of last week, right? Thursday and Friday. Felt better Saturday.

I noticed on Tuesday that I was having minor pain off and on. It went away on it's own, but since I have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday, I decided to make a note of it. I also noted more minor pain yesterday, and ended up taking some ibuprofen at bedtime. Today I had more pain, still minor, but more present so I took some ibuprofen this afternoon. I then had a visual aura, and soon after couldn't control my body temp. I sometimes flash between hot and cold before and during migraines. So I broke out the heating pad for my neck and shoulders, and drank a coke for the caffeine. 

I chatted with my mother on the phone, and made myself some dinner - creamy tomato basil soup (great recipe) and a couple crumpets (which the commissary is now out of, dangit!). I didn't feel hungry until I got up to get some dinner, then I was starving. It was delicious, but I'm feeling more pain now and will have to take more ibuprofen. I'm still flashing between hot and cold a little. 

I'm enjoying the little notepad feature on my phone so I can track the pain and what I do even when I'm not at home. Makes it easy. 

I'm hosting my craft group tomorrow, which usually helps me relax. I enjoy that group. I may be going out to dinner with J's former unit. Hopefully J can make it as well. Otherwise, my only plan is to make a walmart run, so I can rest and relax and try to avoid this migraine. Not much planned for this weekend either, so more relaxing. 

I hate that I have to basically put my life on hold like this. It interrupts my fitness, because I find it hard to work out when I have a migraine, and I'm sometimes afraid to work out if I feel one coming on. This would be somewhat OK if I weren't training for a triathlon and half marathon. I like how active I've been and want to keep pushing it, but then I have to stop and rest because my head hurts. 

So I'll talk to the doctor about trying a different daily medication. Might ask about a different pain killer, too, since the tramadol isn't stopping it and makes me itch (not an allergy, just a side effect). 

I will also be talking to him about my cholesterol and thyroid. High cholesterol apparently runs in my family, and we have a history of goiters in women. A good friend would like me to get my thyroid levels checked as well. Since I have to have blood drawn for cholesterol, I don't see why they couldn't do that as well. 

That's all, I guess. Just frustrated and had to get it out. Wish me luck on avoiding this migraine. I'll update again after the doc appointment. Maybe not till I get blood work results, but we'll see. 

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