Projects Update

Project: Clean House

I've been through 1 month on my cleaning schedule. I did not complete the whole schedule, thanks to some migraines. However, I think I did pretty good. I also learned to adapt. Some weeks I only spot mop, some weeks I vacuum twice just because I have a dog that sheds a lot. All in all, I think it's going well.

On a side note, I tried a pinterest bathtub cleaner. It's 12 ounces of vinegar (heated in the microwave for 2 minutes) and 10ish ounces of dawn dish soap (I just bought a 9 ounce bottle and used it all). I mixed it in a re-purposed cleaner spray bottle and covered my shower and bath with the blue mixture. It sat for a few hours before J needed to shower his field grime off. I tried the dry rag, like the original instructions said, but found it easier to use a damp cloth to suds up the cleaner and then spray it all with the shower head. For those of my friends that live in military housing at Bliss, you know the texture on the bottom of the bathtub? It cleaned through that. I will be using it for my once a month tub scrub.

Project: Whip My Ass Into Shape (i.e. do a tri and a half marathon over a mountain in 3 weeks time)

My sister's doctor has suggested she up her cardio to combat the high cholesterol that apparently runs in our family. He said she should train for a half marathon. Whether she runs a half marathon or not doesn't matter, just that she train for it to increase the amount of cardio she does. He even recommended a training program that's 10 weeks long.

Well, well. The Transmountain Challenge is 10 weeks from today. So I said I would train with her. I won't follow the plan exactly. In fact I've already shifted the schedule by 1 day to fit with the days I usually run. And I will throw some days at McKelligon Canyon in place of other days on the schedule. My cross training will involve biking and swimming for the triathlon training.

I seem to do a little better on getting the distance built up if I have a schedule to follow. When I realized the half was only 10 weeks away, I realized I needed to get my butt moving.

I'm also trying out J's old armband tomorrow. If it's comfortable, I'll get one to carry my iphone in when I ride and run. The test is just to see if I can stand running with something strapped to my bicep. Of course, tomorrow I also have 2 dogs with me. We'll see how far that gets. I'm dog sitting a gorgeous girl until tomorrow. Thought I would try taking her and Rem for a run tomorrow. Mauja is a sweetheart.

Project: Healthy Charla

Doctor's appointment is Wednesday morning. J is pulling a swing shift for work this week, so he has the mornings with me. This is beneficial. I've been having mild pain every day since Monday. I'm tracking it all with the notepad app on my iphone, so I can report to the doc. I may have J drive me to the appointment, in case the doctor wants to try a pain killer shot. Last time, he was going to give me a shot to stop the in-progress migraine, but couldn't do it because I drove myself.

I will also be talking to the doc about cholesterol and thyroid histories in my family. Time to start tracking that stuff. I'm over 30 now. I know I'll have to do a fasting blood work for cholesterol (and thyroid if he wants to check that). Ideally, we could get that out of the way on Thursday. If not, it will have to be next week when I get back from Denver.

Project: Family

First ever Cohen family reunion next weekend in Denver. Unfortunately, J doesn't get to go with me. At least we don't have to worry about the critters for the weekend, I guess. Anywho, my sis and her family will be there, so I get to see my nieces. Of course mom and dad will be there, and my cousins that live in Denver. I'm looking forward to it, though it would be better if J could make it. Even found a park near our hotel where Dotti and I can run together over the weekend.

Did I forget anything?


  1. I've been looking for a good tub cleaner...I'll definitely try that one! I can't believe you're going to be doing a half marathon (that was my new year's resolution for 2011...then I got pregnant with Cam lol! Maybe some day!) I really admire you for that! And Denver is a pretty cool city...I don't know how much sightseeing you'll get to do, but the Botanical Garden is probably the best I've ever been to. And the tour of the Molly Brown house (one of the Titanic survivors)was pretty fun too. :}

    1. The tub cleaner was easy! Just be careful, and don't add vinegar to the dawn bottle to rinse out the rest of the soap. It reacts and creates pressure and sprays your shirt :)

      This will be my second half marathon, but much harder because it's over TransMountain!

      I love Denver. I've gone there my whole life. The Botanical Garden is awesome, but we're taking my nieces to the zoo! I'm excited. Don't know that I've ever made it to the Molly Brown house, though. Heard enough about it!


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