I'm A Slacking Slacker

One post a week? Yeah, that seems to be what I'm doing so far this year. We need to work on that.

I had planned a few posts, but didn't get around to writing them. I have a full, long-distance run report in the new vivos (shoes) and a full report of both new sports bras. While I'm at it, I got a new cold weather running top I should do a small review on. But the time seems to just get away from me.

The past week felt pretty busy. I think it was more little things all the time than any big things. But I have a bunch of tomato soup to eat. I love this tomato soup. Kristy, if you want more, I put half of mine in the freezer. I have plenty. Maybe I should do a post about the soup. It became a favorite right away, and I've had some "fun" times making it. Yeah...

I might have to schedule in blogging time. Like, pick a couple mornings each week as blogging time, and write about whatever I haven't written about yet. Blah.

I also have a ton of cleaning to do. No one is allowed to come over until I get some cleaning done, unless you plan to help/motivate me to clean. It's mostly putting things away. Maybe I'll start by shopping for a bigger tote for all our christmas stuff. People gave us more this year. I need to go to Target anyway.

I've been meaning to start tracking my food again on myfitnesspal.com, and since I keep putting it off, I'm going to start today. If you want to find me there, I'm char362. I'm still taking my skinny supplement, but it stuck at 146. I honestly think it's because I've been eating junk. I got a harvest box, but still need to plan my meals better. It will be hard this week because I have 4 eating out dates, 2 of those in one day.

Oh, and Remy is on a diet now, too. Pup weighed in at 62 pounds at the vet's. He's not really eating more, so I think it's because he hasn't gotten as much exercise. I can still feel his ribs and hips bones, so he's not obese, but he's a bit of a chunk. Of course, since the vet said he's a big boy, he's been eating every meal and asking for seconds. Stinker.

Alright. Time to get my morning started. I'm eating my last 2 Gordon Ramsay blueberry muffins for breakfast. I should find a way to pinterest those. I'm sure someone has his recipe online. If not, maybe I'll blog it and pin it myself. Hmmmmmmmm.....


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