Viva La Vivo

Better late than never.

I am more in love with my Vivobarefoot Neo shoes. Need a reminder?

They are holding up well. That gray edge around the blue is stitched down, and I think that's helping hold it together better than previous shoes. I've done both short and long runs in them and I'm still in love. They are very comfy. 

So! Long runs were good in these shoes. I did my last half marathon in them. I had a couple blisters on the tips of my toes, but not as many as I've had previously. My feet were tired, but not overly sore. I did get my black toenail back after the half marathon. Since then, I've tried one of those special lacing styles that's supposed to help pull the shoe up so it won't rub on the nail. Don't know if it's really doing any good yet. I did notice that I lace these suckers really tight. You almost can't see the tongue when I lace them up for a run. 

I've done a couple short runs without socks now as well. I can actually feel the arch of my left foot rub on the shoe, even hear it when I get sweaty, but it hasn't become a hot spot. That's with 3.5 miles, but maybe a longer run would turn into a hot spot. I think I can possibly fix that with the lacing. The outside of my pinky toes rub a bit, but again, it hasn't turned into a hot spot yet. This is the best sockless shoe I've tried. The seaming in the shoes is great and doesn't rub anywhere. 

The soles are wearing slowly and evenly. The uppers are just starting to show creases at my big joint, so they will definitely outlast the New Balance. I still love the simple look that isn't distracting if I wear them with jeans. Pretty much, of all the zerodrops I've tried, these are my favorite. They fit my foot well and don't irritate. 

I would love to try some other Vivo shoes, but as usual, the prices are high, and there is nothing near me that stocks them. Le sigh. 


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