Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Plague

It's everywhere.

A lot of people around me are getting sick now. Flu and flu-like things are taking them out of view and shutting them in their homes. I myself spent a couple days stuck at home with no appetite and an upset stomach. I wasn't nearly as bad as some others, but I was bad enough to reschedule my teeth cleaning that was supposed to be yesterday.

For me it started Saturday. At first I thought maybe I had eaten something that didn't agree with me. Come Sunday morning, when I made myself breakfast and couldn't eat it, I knew it was more than that. Duke, however, decided to try a bite of my breakfast while I was away from the plate for a few minutes. I had cheese on my eggs. He likes cheese.

Yesterday I felt a lot better and had an appetite. But I over did it a little. I ran some errands, just 3 stops, and it left me exhausted. I slept for an hour on the couch. Then I went to book club. I was feeling good. It was a special book club meeting this month. We got to join other book clubs to meet a local author at the German club. Well, I either ate too much or ate the wrong things. Maybe it was my one german beer. Woke up feeling not so good last night. Queasy. I went back to sleep, but woke up still not well.

Le sigh. I think I tried to do too much.

So, have I been getting sick a lot lately? Or does my husband just worry about me? I do feel like I have not been very healthy since he left. It can't just be that I wasn't eating as healthy, could it? Then my mind wanders to the skinny supplement. I started it just after J left, so is it making me get sick? How do I find out? Well, I could stop taking it for a while. See if I feel better.Then start again and see if I get icky again. Not sure I want to play around like that, though.

Or can I just say it's been a rough season for me? I was doing really good at the beginning of the month. I was running and started working out more. I was eating healthier. I felt really good. Then Saturday hit and I didn't feel good.

For now, I'm going to just keep moving forward. I'll slow myself down a bit this week and let myself really get over whatever I had. I will keep with the healthy eating and tracking my food and slowly get back into working out. I might restart the simplefit workout. I didn't make it past level 2, so it's no loss. I think I'm close to being in a maintenance phase anyway, and can stop the skinny. 

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