Taking Charge (Or Trying To)

I've been working on a quest to get healthy for a while now. Y'all know that. Today I made another step that has my nerves up, so I'm blogging to give myself confidence.

I made a doctor's appointment to talk to him about my thyroid. Yes, I did this once before, but all he did was run a test. My results were on the lower end of normal, but in the normal range. So I figured I was good.

That was almost a year ago, and since then I've done some random internet research and reading. I've seen multiple site/groups that say the one common test isn't always enough for a real diagnosis. The more I read, the more I think I am a likely candidate for hypothyroidism.

Want to know more? Here's what the Mayo Clinic says.

Now, I've had some issues with my doctor. My last appointment, he didn't even realize I'd been to see him previously. My files were right there on the computer in front of him. He also didn't seem to care that I'd started taking an herb he had never heard of. He just said if it works, go with it. Yeah. Good thing I've done my research and know what drugs it can interact with.

Well, I made the decision today to give him one more chance. I could ask for a new doctor, but even if Tricare says it's OK, I don't know how long it would take to get a new one assigned. So, one last try.

I'm going in armed this time. I found 2 hyperthyroid symptom checklists. I picked the ones I have and made sure there weren't any repeats. Numbered list gives me 40.



Now, many of these can be symptoms of other things, or just random things that make me me. But I want to know. I want someone to tell me why I can't get rid of the vertical ridges in my nails. I want to know why I can sleep 8 hours at night, take a 1 to 2 hour nap during the day, and then sleep another 8 hours. I want to know why I've gotten moodier the past couple years, with anxiety issues I didn't really have before.

I'm hoping he'll listen to me and help me. Or at least refer me to someone who can help me. I am willing to be told that I have a healthy thyroid. That would be welcome news. I just want to know why I'm having these issues.

As usual, this got a little rambley. 


  1. I'm pretty convinced you have hypothyroidism. I have it. I see your symptoms. If he still says no, frankly, I'd demand to see another doctor. Go to the counter people and make another appointment right then and there. Tell them he's not listening to you and whatnot, etc.

    1. If he says no or won't listen to me, I'm planning on heading to the Tricare advocate and filing a complaint.


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