Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Attack Of The Crud

When I get sick, I really get sick. Especially if it's anything to do with my sinuses. I thought I was getting a cold last week, but by Friday I was having a horrible cough, no voice, and gunk in my eye. I ended up going to the Quick Care Clinic on Saturday morning. That means it was bad. I don't like seeing doctors.

The PA I saw was awesome. She listened to all my symptoms, listened to my breathing (and coughing), and it all was quick and painless. She said there weren't any signs of infection, i.e. sinus infection, but it was probably a viral upper respiratory infection.

So I got a breathing treatment, then picked up an inhaler of the same stuff and some decongestant. And headed home. The inhaler made the cough worse at first, but it started get better rather quickly. The gunk was moving through and not making me lose my voice.

By Sunday I felt good enough to take the dog for a walk. We even tried a very slow run for a block and a half, but that left me winded and worn out. More rest. Each day has been easier, more energy, less coughing. I even got some sewing done and finally finished a couple skirts I've been working on forever.

Today, Wednesday, I went for a group bike ride. It was another Brigade ride, so not too hard. I did well, only a little cough during the ride. It's when we got back to the parking lot and stopped that I started coughing. I rather expected that, though. It's like running in cold air: soon as you stop running, you start coughing. At least that's what happens with J and I.

Of course, all this is just in time for the Individual Aquathlon. It's a week from Friday. What's an Aquathlon? I think they made up the term because what they do isn't a traditional Duathlon. It's usually run-bike-run, but here they do run-swim-run. Yeah. You run a 5K, jump in the pool to swim 400 meters, then jump out and run another 5K. J and I want to do it. I know I can run it and swim it, but now I've had to stay out of the pool for a couple weeks. I'm worried about my lungs in the water.

We plan on checking out the new pool here this weekend, where the event will be. It used to be at the pool a block from my house, but now they have a big fancy aquatics center, so I can't just walk over to the event. Damn. But we'll get in that pool once or twice, and hopefully I'll be back up to full health by then. I better be.

I'm not looking to make any awesome times or anything. It's just fun to try, and good to get us in the right mindset for the sprint tri in September. I think I can already beat last year's bike time, so I'm rather looking forward to the tri. Plus, if I get some good tri shorts, I can cut down my transition time.

Ok. I'm starting to ramble. Time to get ready for a little shopping before my lunch date today.

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