What A Day,,,

It started with my lack of motivation to exercise. No excuses, I felt lazy.

Then I get a text from my husband that he was hit by a car on his bike ride. He's OK, but a little beat up. He even finished the ride before coming home. I helped him clean up, bandage up, and get ready for work.

I went to my Friday morning craft group to get something embroidered for a project I'm working on, and the embroidery machine somehow caught the threads it had already sewn. No going back. I might have to try appliqué, as much as I hate that stuff.

I took J lunch. A high point.

Remy got dropped at the groomers.

Then, I sold my old Trek road bike, Rhoda. I didn't tell the new owner about her name, since he's a Master Sergeant in the Army. It didn't seem to fit him. But he's new at road biking, had a friend that's into it helping him pick the bike, and eager to ride. I think Rhoda is in good hands and will get the miles she deserves.

Then I picked up Rem and he did much better at the groomer's than last time. He would not stay standing for them last time he went, but I told them about his "up-up" command and he did good this time. He looks great, and even though he has some shy-bum, it's not as bad as usual. Silly dog.

In other good news, J and I will have a new nephew next week! This is on J's side, and it's the first of the next generation of Welch (in our family), so it's very exciting. I'm looking at when we can afford to go meet him.

Otherwise, I'm feeling good. Still a little gunk from the weather, but my migraine that I've had since Monday night was gone this morning, and J is almost over the crud he got from me. We are healthy and well/mending and just going to get better. J will heal from his scrapes and bruises, I will get over my migraines and allergies, and we will do great on the triathlon and bike rides this fall.

All is well, tonight.


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