Where You Live

Just thought of this.

And. OMG! Two blog posts in 1 day!!

Anywho. Today is the first day this week that I haven't had a headache (if the week starts on Monday). I started having some constant, non-OTC-responding pain Monday evening. I took tramadol (my prescription pain killer) and went to bed. Tuesday and Wednesday both, I woke up with pain or pain soon after. More tramadol.

Yesterday, Thursday, was the first day with just OTC pain killers. Today was the first drug-free day (minus daily meds).

What triggered this? The weather.

I've noticed that humid weather fronts moving into our area are triggering headaches/migraines for me.

I don't remember having this problem in KS, where it was always at least somewhat humid and I didn't have the dry skin and eczema problems.

I think, having lived here for 4 years, the body is used to our dry, drought climate. I am no longer tolerant of humidity, as much as I may miss it. When a humid front moves in, I get arthritis and/or migraine issues. This week, I got the migraine as the humidity really set it, and didn't get rid of it until we had a day of real rain.

I think it's the drastic difference between normal days (dry) and weather fronts (wet) that triggers my migraines and/or arthritis while living here. My arthritis was almost non-existant in KS, and my migraines had more noticeable stress triggers. My stress is greatly reduced here, since I don't work, and the only recent noticeable trigger was the weather.

I'm hoping that our next home, somewhere more humid and with more regular rain, will see a reduction of weather triggered pain problems. Let's find out next year, huh?


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