The Death March

As I think I've mentioned before, I'm hoping to walk the Bataan Memorial Death March at the end of next month. I haven't done any real training for the past couple weekends, so of course we headed out today. We walked for an hour and a half, then turned around. That's when it got bad.

Turning around meant we were suddenly walking INTO the wind that had picked up quite a bit on the way out. It was miserable. I was miserable. J tried to block the wind for me a little, but it kept shifting around. We somehow managed to get back to the Jeep in the allotted hour and a half. I was then treated to a venti black tea latte (nonfat milk) and a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese. I got the drinks at Starbucks while J got the bagels at Einstein Bros. and we met in the middle to eat.

Got home and inspected my feet. Left one has 2 blisters on the pad, 1 each on the pads of 2 toes, and a small one on the outer edge of my pinkie toe. Right foot just has the pinkie toe blister. Since we're being lazy the rest of today, I'm running around in my giant fuzzy slipper. They are soft and cushy on my blisters.

I don't really know how far we walked today. Normally, I would map it out on Google, but we use a newer piece of road, not named, that was finished after Google's latest satellite pics. The road is for military vehicles only, so it isn't likely to be updated just for that road.

Over breakfast, I talked shoes with J. See, I still don't have my Merrell Barefoot shoes. After reading reviews online, we decided it really would be best to try them on before buying. But out store said their order isn't due in until March 10. Not enough time to break them in/get used to them.

So this week, I think I will try to do some shoe shopping. I'll check out the Nike Frees, and see if I can find some Saucony Kinvaras to try on. Both recommended as good transition shoes. I think I'll also check out the Adidas and Pumas, just to see what they have. I bought the Payless shoes I'm wearing now back in October. They're not made for the kind of activity I'm putting into them. All in all, they've held up pretty well, but I think they are reaching their limit.

So now I think I will do a little more minimal shoe research. I want to walk into the Nike store knowing what to ask for. I'll see if I can figure something out for the other stores as well.


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