The Mutt

So the mutt is still jumping into our neighbor's yard. I've caught him twice today. It's only the yard right next door now, since they have a dog. I just spent about 10 minutes watching him from the back door. When he would stand up in the corner (on his back legs) I would knock on the screen door, which is pretty loud. It would distract him enough that he didn't jump, but I had to keep watching.

Tomorrow I'm going to by a tether. I'm going to get one that screws into the ground and has a nice, sturdy cable tether. Not a chain. Then, when he leaves our yard without permission, he'll be put on the tether. See? This is what happens when you don't stay in your own yard. If he's being good and playing in his own yard, no tether. We can also take it camping with us if he starts wandering off. Stick with us, or get tethered. Those are your options. It will probably go with us to Wyoming in June as well. He hasn't been around chain link much, so we'll see what happens.

For the rest of today, I will just have to watch like a hawk when he goes outside. This means I can't sit and sew upstairs when the dog is outside. Dang. I enjoyed that.

In other news....the mutt stinks. I missed his bath last week, and now we've been on mandatory water conservation. I haven't even showered today. Apparently it's going to be lifted tonight, so I will probably go ahead and shower later. And bathe Remy. He's dirty. And itchy. I've found that if I give him a weekly bath with oatmeal shampoo, he itches less.

There you have it. A whole post about my dog. 


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