Shoe Woes

So J and I took our snow day and turned it into Remy's birthday celebration. We drove him up to Ruidoso, NM, and took him to the gourmet doggy store, No Bones About It. Great place for dog and cat stuff. He got a light blue doggy backpack as his gift. Had to get him a size Small since he's so skinny! We also got him a big doggy cookie shaped like a bone that says Happy Birthday on it. Oh, and a donut cookie.

Then we headed to the store that's supposed to carry the new Merrell shoes I've been waiting for, which were finally released Tuesday. I had called this morning to make sure they would be open and asked about them. He said they had gotten some in a couple weeks ago. Yay, right?


Apparently he misunderstood me and was referring to an order of VFFs they got in. Their Merrell order won't be in until March 10. That's a month away!!

I had wanted to get the shoes as soon as I could and get used to them/break them in, in time to wear them for the Bataan on March 27. So we went to the website and thought about ordering them. Then we read some reviews. The men's styles apparently run large. And one reviewer said the women's run small. Huh?

So we're not sure that ordering them online will do much good. UGH! I DESPERATELY want these shoes!! *sigh* So, I guess we could do a 4 hour drive to Albuquerque (instead of the 2 hour drive to Ruidoso) and see if one of the 2 stores there have them stocked yet. But that's kinda crazy, right?

What to do? What to do?

Oh yeah, our hot sauce store was closed, so no salsa. Then the fudge store was closed. But it's the shoes that have me all butt hurt tonight.


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