It's Almost March

I lost 4 pounds in January. I have lost maybe 1 pound in February. I also haven't been tracking my food well this month. Some days not at all. So for March, I'm going to start tracking again. I've told myself that if it's too frustrating to get every single ingredient of my meal in, I will find something close and call it good. If I can at least get a good idea of what I'm eating, and round up on my estimates, then I'm in the clear.

Also have a friend who wants to lose weight. Her oldest is old enough for preschool now, so she's thinking of putting the younger one in day care at the same time and hitting some classes at the gym. I said I would join her. Would be great to get a strength training class in.

I made it to my first yoga class last week and loved it. It felt good, and I wasn't the only one there who didn't know all the moves. I will probably miss it this week, but J will be getting off of staff duty Tuesday morning and we might go to lunch together.

I also didn't work out much last week, with both my visitor and Laura here. And by "visitor" I mean my period. I was tired all week, and had a couple days where I was constantly hungry. I want to go back to only 4 a year. I do need to get a doctor's appointment in March to talk about my migraine meds and get my cholesterol tested. I haven't been taking my verapamil but haven't had any migraines, either. I think I really am getting in shape and it might be helping my blood pressure and circulation stay at normal levels. I would like to  talk to a doc about it before I just let the prescription expire.

So! I need to post about the dress! J is in charge of planning a "Dining-out" for the battery at the end of March. It's just a big formal dinner. Which means I need to wear a formal dress. The last ball we had, I ended up borrowing a dress from a friend. So I drug Laura downtown with me. Another friend said it was "the" place to go dress shopping. She was so right. Once we started walking around we saw tons of dress shops.

The first one we went into was crammed with all kinds of dresses. I tried on some but really liked the one on the wall. Finally found it on the racks. I tried on a 12, 16, and 18. Definitely needed the 14. They didn't have any. So we went across the street. They had the same dress and had it in a 14. I bought a gorgeous formal for $90. It's strapless and pewter with a corseted back, so even if a lose another 4 or 5 pounds, I can tighten it up and it will still fit! I really do love this dress and am so happy to have it. I can wear the black heels I already have and do have some jewelry that looks great with it. I might look for something red to wear with it, though. And I decided, since I spent $90 on the dress, I can handle doing my own hair for this one. I love it when John does my hair, but I did just drop almost $100 on a new dress. I have a hair appointment around the same time, so my color and cut will be great for it.

Whew! You have now witnessed one of my girly moments. I'm not often that girly, but this dress is really that gorgeous. I will try to post pics after the big event.

I think I have purged all blogginess from my mind. Nope! One more item.

Remy jumped out of the yard when Belle and Lilly were here. Even with friends, he jumped out. I wouldn't have known how far he went, but a friend saw him crossing the busy street with live next to and called me. So now he is on his tether if he wants to play outside. I don't tether him if it's just a quick potty trip or if one of us is out with him. Any other time, for now anyway, he is tethered. Also going to call a couple places and see about getting him groomed this week. There will definitely be pics of that.


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