WTF Is Up With My Arm?

I took a nap this afternoon. Woke up with a sore arm. The shoulder is sore, the elbow is sore, and the soreness spreads to the wrist. I have no idea what I did.

So my good friend Laura came and spent some time visiting. She brought her 2 dogs with her. Belle is a 7 year old pug mix that I've known for a long time. She apparently ate too much of her little sister's food and put on weight. She's a pretty mellow dog. I adore her.

Lilly is a 1.5 year old boston terrier. Energetic. Dominated Remy. Of course, Remy just rolled over and let her. He eventually learned that he could play tug-o-war with her. They had so much fun. She's a good girl.

Apparently, Remy and I are both exhausted from their visit, which is why I ended up taking a nap today. Now, Laura visiting means I walked around some, but didn't really work out this week. I did go for a short bike ride with J yesterday and this morning. I guess I possibly did something to my arm on the bike ride(s). Then slept on it wrong? But one way or another, it hurts to type this so I'm going to cut it short. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.

If I remember, I will do another post (when the arm is better) about my dress shopping adventure with Laura. 


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