I picked up our packets today. Shirts, timing chips, certificates, special dog tags, everything we need for Sunday. Yes, Sunday is the Bataan. It's becoming real all of a sudden and I'm feeling a little nervous.

Yesterday I had one of my funk days. Haven't had one this bad in a long time. I wonder if it's all the stress lately. I was just horribly depressed all day. It got much better once J got home. He's amazing at pulling me out of my funks.

Today I took Remy to the dog park to meet some friends. He got to play with the neighbor dog for a few minutes, too. So he's tired. He's spending the night with a great girl I met through OCSA tomorrow night. She pet sits and will have him and a little chihuahua along with her two cats. Brave woman. If you need a pet sitter in El Paso, let me know and I will pass on her info!

I've rather felt like I'm on the verge of a migraine all week. I somehow think it will stay like this, on the edge, until my stress level drops. But that probably won't be till after next weekend. If then. I do hope that it will just go away without the migraine.

In just a bit I need to eat some dinner (leftover pasta) and head over to the Team Captain University for Relay. I'm taking J's pith helmet as an example of a "funny hat" for one of our lap themes. Then I'll come home and crash. I'm so tired.

Tomorrow J and I might head over to the west side for a bit, but we're pretty much just taking it easy. Making sure we have everything ready for Sunday. Might need to go pick up some more energy bars. Then we'll make a nice pasta dinner and go to bed early.

Sunday we'll be up super early. Need to be up at White Sands by 4amish. Which means leaving here around 3amish. Yeah. I'm making J drive. When we get back, we'll pick up the mutt and come home and crash again.

Ok. I should eat now. Loading up on carbs a little. Just a little. I eat lots of carbs anyway since I'm totally addicted to them. OH, I did have to dig out my belt for my favorite jeans. They won't stay up anymore. 


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