Brain Dump

This is just a general post to get some thoughts and ideas out of my head.

I've spent pretty much all morning dinking around on Sparkpeople. I found a new website with interval/circuit workouts that look like it  might be worth a try. It's also stuff I can do at home, designed that way. It's called Bodyrock and has a super buff foreign chick showing you how to do things. They do show modifications for just about everything as well. I am thinking of pushing myself next week. Run/walk Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Bodyrock Tuesday and Thursday.

Of course all that lead me to thinking of my eating. I'm tracking my food this week to make sure I'm getting enough protein in while we do the no-meat (except seafood) thing for Lent. I made a super tasty pasta last night by replacing the kielbasa it called for with beans. But I still would not have made my recommended protein level if I hadn't had a Naked protein juice. So I need to have some low calorie, high protein snacks handy. Or little high protein things I can have as sides. I'll have to do some research for my best options.

I was proud of myself at lunch (a whole 10 minutes ago?) when I changed my mind and took some of the leftovers back out of my bowl. I was still plenty full. Then I grabbed a mineral water instead of a desserty snack. I love mineral water. It's my soda replacement. I like the bubbles.

J and I walked the Canyon on Sunday. And both got sunburned. Just arms on me, but J burned his neck, too. My wide brimmed hat actually protected my neck! Win!

This weekend we have a 6 mile run and we might do a good hike after that. I haven't been running, so I don't expect anything from this run. I'm guessing slow but just hope to run the whole thing.

In other news, Remster has been very itchy. I got out the fancy dog lotion spray stuff and made him sit still while I sprayed it on and used his zoom groom to rub it in. He's very sleepy today for some reason. Maybe tea tree oil makes him sleepy?

I have to go finish the grocery shopping this afternoon, but really want to just stay home and do nothing. I managed to unload the dishwasher today, hem my pants for the Bataan, and sew 2 rows together for the quilt. That's it. Not much.

I really want a candy bar. *sigh* Usually a piece of dark chocolate will help those cravings, but today dark chocolate actually doesn't sound as good *gasp*. Craziness. Damn hormones. I think it's time to put on a heat patch to deal with the cramps and head to the store. Then maybe I'll be feeling up to walking the dog later. Yeah, it's the first day of Aunt Flo's visit, so I'm tired and crampy. And craving candy bars. TMI? Nah.

See? Rambley brain dump. 


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