Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally, A Happy Shoe Post

Finally got my new shoes!!!


I went to Dillards this morning. They had 2 pairs left. My size (8) and a 10. So glad I got there in time. And so glad they weren't in the horrible yellow color! I could have lived with the red or lavender, but come on, black is me.

I have them on now, no socks, and they are very comfy. Tons of room in the toe box, but not too much. My toes don't rub anywhere, but they're not huge on me. The instep laces up nice and snug. The heel has some elastic, which I actually appreciate since I have narrow heels. I can kinda see where some people think this shoe has arch support, but trust me, there is no support there. The sole does curve with the arch, but when I walk, my feet are as flat as ever.

I wanted to take the dog for a walk in these today, but I'm getting a headache. So instead I'm blogging and drinking a pepsi. I'm not a big soda drinker, but it's cold and has caffeine and I didn't have to make it. Just opened the can.

Hopefully I can kick this headache and get the dog out for a walk. I will try to go for a run tomorrow morning in my new shoes. I'll try a short run first. I gotta build up and see how I do. I'll probably wear them around a lot next week. This week I will try to alternate between these and my trail shoes for the Bataan. 

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