Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Shoes!!

I found a new pair of shoes for the Bataan. But first, let me express my disgust at finding it.

I really wanted to try a pair of Nike Free 3.0s. I swear I saw them on the Nike website, but can't find them now. Anywho, I went to the Nike store at the Outlet mall. They did have Nike Free 3.0s, but only in mens. I tried them on and while they were very comfy, there were a couple small issues that concerned me. No other stores carry them.

I looked at other makes and models and found nothing.

Finally I went to the local running store, Up and Running. They had the 2 New Balance shoes I wanted to try. First I tried the brand new Minimus Trail. It was super comfy. These are the newest contender in the "barefoot shoe" battle, but they do have a 4mm heel lift and a tiny bit of cushioning. New Balance has said they thought this was safer for people just making the transition and may consider doing a zero drop shoe later on (no height difference between the heel and ball area of the shoe). After talking to the girl that worked there about what I wanted these shoes for, she said they let in tons of sand.

So I also tried the other shoe I was interested in, the WT101s. They were also comfy. While they are a minimal shoe, there is still noticeable stability. I didn't necessarily like the color (it's lighter gray in person), but hey, they were good shoes, comfy, and cheaper than the others.

I wore them to walk Remy on Friday, then all day Saturday, and for a hike today. If the Minimus lets in more sand, it would fill the whole shoe! The 101s have a mostly mesh upper - you can feel the wind blowing on your toes! Walking in the fine, sandy dirt today left a ton of sand in my shoes. I have to clean them already. The insole wasn't secured at the toe and I was able to pull that part out of the shoe (it's still attached at the heel). I'll have to clean it.

Later this week, our store in Ruidoso is due to get the Merrells in. We'll call to make sure they came in, and if they did, make a trip up there. I sure hope we like them.

In other news, my mom got here today! She's here till Friday.

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