Friday, May 20, 2011


I love camping. Always have. As a kid, we went camping AT LEAST once a summer, usually more. I LOVED it! I mean really really loved it.

I was so glad to learn that J loves camping, too. He is an Eagle Scout, after all. So we started camping together. My parents bought us a little Coleman tent. I was voting for a week of camping for our honeymoon, even. Later, (after getting married) they bought us new sleeping bags that zip together. Dad even gave us one of his old camp stoves.

Now, last year, we didn't actually go camping. The year before, we only went once, and that was just one night. This year, we had to get out there. So we're planning on going next weekend. Memorial Day weekend. Sure, it will be busy, but J gets a 4-day.

I'm trying to get a camp site reserved. Got their voicemail and left a message. Might have to wait till Monday. Anywho, the campground we chose also sells fishing licenses. And it's on a river. So we can fish! OMG! Our poles haven't been out of the box since we got here!

This will also be Remy's first campout. J has slept on the floor with him, and Remy was content to curl up in his little bed next to J. So we'll take his bed. I'm sure I'll be awoken with puppy kisses when he wants out of the tent. I can handle that.

We also bought a new campstove. The old stove that dad gave me uses white gas, which isn't accepted in all campgrounds. So we snagged a new Coleman stove that uses propane and got a carrying case for it as well. The case is bigger than the stove, so there's room to pack some extras in around it. Maybe some cooking utensils. It's awful dry this year, and we're not sure we'll be able to do a campfire (I'll ask when I make the reservation), so we had to make sure we have a way to cook!

I can't wait to go camping!! OMG yay! Now let's see if we actually catch any fish. Maybe we can cook them for dinner one night. I better have a phone call with mom or dad to discuss the best way to do that.

OK, so on Monday I'm going to try a theme and discuss weight loss. Yeah. I know. I'm trying to think of a funny name for it. 

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