Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

Ok. This week we're discussing breakfast ideas.

Let me first clarify that I was not a breakfast eater until J. He is a big breakfast guy. Can't live without it. Me, not so much. But living with him, I learned to eat breakfast.

Most mornings, we do cereal. I don't drink milk, so I use vanilla flavored soy milk. I buy the light kind. J likes milk, but found we weren't using it up before it went bad, so he switched to coconut milk. Yes most mornings are cereal. J also taught me to mix different kinds of cereal. Like cornflakes (healthy) and frosted flakes (not so healthy). It makes the healthy cereals taste better, and you are satisfied with less of the unhealthy stuff.

Sometimes we do mix it up. We'll do eggs and toast for an easy hot breakfast. Either fried eggs (using Pam) or scrambled with stuff in it. A little salsa mixed into scrambled eggs is a great way to add flavor. And we only buy whole grain bread. Been doing that for years now.

In the summer, we sometimes do fruit smoothies. Super easy. I just use frozen fruit (unsweetened) and yogurt. Every once in a while we add a Carnation Instant Breakfast packet to it. J needs more calories than I do. But just take a little yogurt cup in a tasty flavor, add frozen fruit, and blend until smooth. Nice on hot El Paso mornings!

Now for the bad part. We do go to brunch about once a week. We eat large, usually greasy meals. Then we aren't hungry for lunch, but we'll usually have a snack in the afternoon, and an earlier dinner.

Now for personal progress. Went for a 4.5 mile run this morning and then weighed myself. I was down 1 pound. Yay! I usually only weight myself in the morning. I get up, use the toilet, then weigh myself with absolutely no clothing. But even after my workout, I was down 1 pound this week! That's a good sign.

I probably won't be seeing much of my husband during the work week this next month, so I will be eating on my own a lot. I find it easier to eat healthy when just cooking for myself, so let's hope the numbers will keep going down. Also need to make myself a plan to train for the half marathon in October!


  1. Down a pound.. awesome!!

    Totally forgot about the smoothie idea. That's perfect. I'm going to add that to my list! You don't find you need to add milk? If not that's only a 2 point breakfast. Score!


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