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I need to mush these into one post.

Item 1: Camping

Didn't go so well. The river we were supposed to be on is completely dry. The nearby national forest is completely closed to the public. J was cranky. We ended up coming home a day early. But then we biked to the PX for lunch and a movie and had a decent day. Today we worked in the yard after a morning run and brunch.

Item 2: Running

After talking to J, I've decided to change my half marathon goal. He says your first half marathon is always the worst, and trying to do the TransMountain as my first is pretty much asking for hell on earth. However, he would like to run the Duke City Marathon again. He ran it 2 years ago. And as with most marathons, they have a half marathon as well. Hell, Duke City has a half marathon walking category. It's October 23 in Albuquerque, NM. Don't know why it's called Duke City. Maybe it explains on the website somewhere. It benefits the New Mexico Cancer Center. So, new race that isn't as challenging, but only 2 weeks later. That's 2 more weeks to train!

Then, I found out about the Las Cruces Half Marathon. It's December 17, the day after my birthday. I want to run it. Is it crazy to want to run a half marathon the day after I turn 31? Maybe. But I am probably in better shape now than I have been since I was 15 years old on the swim team in high school.

Fort Bliss is supposed to host a 10 mile run in August. I will train for that as a mini-goal before I reach the half marathon. If I can run 10 miles in August, then I only need to add a 5K to that to do a half marathon. Ideally, I would like to run 13.1 miles at least once before the actual half marathon. Time to start working on a plan. I need to incorporate some different kinds of running (i.e. speed work, distance work, hill work) and cross training (mostly swimming and biking).

Along with running, Fort Bliss should be hosting another sprint triathlon in September. That's a 400 meter swim, about a 10 to 15 mile bike ride (depending on the race), and a 5K Run. J and I both want to do it. There is one in Soccoro on September 4, but it's already sold out. So when I found out about a Fort Bliss sprint tri on September 24, we were grateful to still have an opportunity.

Item 3: Blogging

I'm going to try to add labels to my posts from here on out. Might help me find posts easier in the future if I want to refer back to them. I have some posts I need to catch up on over on Bra Crusader and would like to write more often here. Labels, labels, labels.


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