Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

Ok. Here's my Monday weight loss post. I may have done something similar before, but I will start with a brief history of my weight loss journey.

I got serious about it when J was away at OCS. I joined SparkPeople and followed the rules and lost 20 pounds. Then we moved to El Paso and I kinda just stopped. It's much harder to follow when you're also cooking for/feeding someone who needs to eat more. Fortunately, it actually took a little less than 2 years to put that 20 pounds back on. But I did. So I tried starting over with Spark, and wasn't as strict. I went down to about 165, then back up to 170 over Easter. My ideal goal is 135, but even 145 would be totally awesome.

Since Easter, I'm bouncing around in that 5 pound range. Which means I need to get serious again to get back on the losing train. I am giving myself a couple weeks, in which my stress levels will be higher. I know it will be easier for me to get back on track once Bark For Life is done. I plan to buy a food scale and try to start measuring some portions again. J will be working long days a lot this summer, as well as some field time, so I will be eating on my own more. Honestly, that makes it easier.

Another thing that makes it easier is that J and I are both trying to eat healthier. More fruits and veg, less meat. I think the next part of that should be cutting back (even more) on fried food.

Even more than food and weight, I'm trying to get in shape. I haven't been in any kind of decent physical shape since high school. Seriously. I've never been very active. Well silly me fell in love with a very active guy. I have actually become a runner since moving down here, and would like to run a half marathon before the end of 2011. We're also looking to finish a sprint triathlon in early fall. Although if I found a good Jazzercise place around here, that had a decent class schedule, I would probably join again. Jazzercise helped me lose that original 20 pounds.

The hard part here is making sure I'm getting enough food without getting too much food, so that I can still lose some weight. 


  1. Thanks for participating, bud!!
    I can relate A LOT to this. I think measuring is the key.. and of course that pesky little exercise bit.. we can do it!

  2. Hey found your blog through jessica's weight watchers link up. Just wanted to say I think running a half marathon is an AWESOME goal. I have thought about aiming for one of those, but im still just too intimidated by it. Good for you!


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