Back to the Routine

The long weekend was great. I may have over ate a little and put on a pound or two, but I had a great time with J. We definitely needed that.

Now it's back to work. For both of us. Ok, well only sort of for me. I bought backing material for my next quilt and hope to get started on that this week. Got my grocery shopping done in the afternoon (I prefer mornings) and survived.

I have been slightly headache off and on this weekend, and I hope to fix that tonight. Tomorrow is my first run on my half marathon training. Fortunately it's a short one. I will keep taking Remy with me as long as I can. My weekday runs he should be fine with for a while still. The long runs are on Sundays.

As my runs get longer, I'm going to try using J's water belt. It has 2 little water flasks. He would like a new one, so if I like this one I can keep it. If I don't, I'll get my own. I will definitely need one on those longer runs, though. J suggested I use it if I'm running for more than 1 hour. I can finish a 10K (6.2 miles) in 1 hourish, so past that I'll definitely need water.

Aaaaaaand, that is all I have right now. 


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