Run for a Margarita

Wow. I haven't posted in 10 days. Sorry about that. Got busy and the writing bug stayed far away.

So I've pushed myself up a week in my half marathon training. This way I'm in line to run the post 10 miler next month. Doing good so far. Big test will be next weekend, in MD, when I have to run 7 miles.

So, today. J and I took our bikes to the west side and rode up to a little coffee shop in Old Mesilla. Ended up being about 25 miles round trip. The last 5 miles were hell. Seriously, I died. I just couldn't peddle anymore. Holy Crap. Seriously.

I also have this issue with my hands and right shoulder when I ride. I get this horrid pain in my shoulder, right up against my neck. It's sharp, stabbing type pains. Not fun. And my hands started going numb. Not very fun. Not sure what caused it. Hadn't really had the tingly hands problem before. Gotta try to figure that out. Not sure if I'm overextending, pinching something, or if I just need more upper body strength.

Then, tonight, we had signed up for the Run for a Margarita. Just a 5K, right? A 5K in the evening. In 103 degree heat. When you're used to running in the morning, after a full night sleep, in the 80s, then a hot evening run is hell. I actually walked. My unofficial time is 32:21. Yes, that's with walking. I honestly think I could have had 30 minutes and some change if I hadn't walked. But hell! It was hot. Hot enough that I even took my shirt off and ran in my leggings and sports bra.

Hot as balls, as J would say.

J and I both have blisters. I think we weren't prepared for the heat. My feet were sweaty before we even started, which I think is why I blistered. Might need to learn to run in socks when it's hot enough for sweaty feet. I mean, my feet sweat in the mornings, but I put on my shoes and go. I don't have to drive over there and wait for it to start.

My training calls for a 6 miler tomorrow. Don't know if I can on the blisters. I think I'll rest tomorrow and do the 6 miles on Monday. I'll have to be careful to not overdo it as the mileage increases.

I think that's it.


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